We first met Murder FM when they opened for Rob Zombie here in Lubbock and we became fans of the band right then. I got a text from Norman of Murder FM and I am stoked for the guys because they have signed a deal with Famous Records Global which was founded by our friend Will Hunt. (Evanescence, Black Label Society)

We can expect a full length Famous Records Global release in the spring of this year. I am very stoked for the guys and can't wait to hear some new tunes from the guys.

"We here at the label are super excited and can't wait to share our new find!! These guys have the "IT" factor !! In a short period of time these guys can/will be the hottest new mainstream rock radio sensation that will get those heads moving and those feet a stompin!! Trust me rock radio isn't dead, it just needs a kick in the ass from these guys!!" - Famous Records Global
I have known Will Hunt for awhile and to see Will Hunt give Murder FM the shot deserve is really cool to me. Here is a quote from Will Hunt founder of Famous Records Global.
"I'm stoked that we signed Murder FM to an international deal. When AJ (one of my partners at Famous) fist played the bands tunes for me it reminded me of being a kid. That feeling that something was so massively and sonically intoxicating that it made you wish you wrote it and were in the band!!! Great songwriting, massive hooks, great musicianship, and one hell of a live show. This band is going to speak to and own the masses in 2015!" - Will Hunt
I hope that we can get Murder FM back in Lubbock very soon to support their new album.
Congratulations to our buddies in Murder FM!