If you are like me, the bathroom is the one place you can be assured you will have privacy, peace and quiet and can get some stuff done, and I am not the only one.

According to PR Newswire, a recent survey found 90% of Americans multi-task while sitting on the toilet. That being said, only 10% of people actually do the task you are supposed to be doing on the toilet and concentrate on that only.

The things the survey found that we were doing on the toilet ranged from reading, playing games on our phones, updating Facebook, or checking e-mails.

Of those, 30% of people admitted to checking Twitter or Facebook while on the toilet.

The survey goes on to say that every time we need to go number two, half of us spend at least five minutes in the bathroom.

Despite how lines may look at public restrooms, men seem to take longer than women do.

Of the people who average 10 minutes or more on the pot, 75% were men.

What do YOU do while on the toilet? Comment below.