Other than the college it takes to get the most meaningful jobs like dermatologist and FBI agent, I am sure most people would want to have those instead of the job they have now.

A website called Payscale.com just ranked the 100 major professions in the U.S. by how meaningful they are based on two factors: How much you think you are helping people, and how happy and satisfied you are in the job.

Dermatologist and FBI Agent came out as the top two.  For both jobs, 100% of people surveyed say they feel like they really help people and love what they do.

The rest of the top five included construction manager, fire chief, and sign language interpreter.

On the opposite side, the least meaningful jobs tended to be ones that don't pay very well and don't provide any real benefit to the world.

The bottom five included gas station attendant, graphic artist, gambling dealer, TV news director, and revenue analyst.

Check out the Top 100 here.