Preseason football began last night with the Hall of Fame Game, so its only fitting to celebrate the beginning of football season by showing you a map of the most hated teams broke down by each state.

According to SB Nation, a survey was conducted by Reddit asking people what NFL team they hated the most, then broke it down state by state and put it on a map.

Most states focused primarily on their division rivals.

We here in Texas hate the Eagles and of course Pennsylvania hates the Cowboys.

California hates the Seahawks, while the Pacific Northwest hates the 49ers.

Illinois hates the Packers and Wisconsin hates the Bears.

There are a few exceptions to the division rivals hatred of course: Arizona hates the Steelers, most likely because the Cardinals were beat by the Steelers a few years back.

Indiana hates the Patriots, mainly because New England has stood in the way of the Colts for the better part of the last decade.

So there is a portion of the hatred each state has for a specific NFL team, here is the whole map for you to check out.