A new year is approaching which means it is time to make those resolutions, but this year try to keep them past January.

  1. Getting in shape or joining a gym.  Time to get those holiday pounds off and try to find the six pack that is underneath.
  2. Giving up smoking.  This is easily achieved with the onset of the new vapor cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. I have had several friends give up smoking with the help of those new ways to get your nicotine.
  3. Giving up cussing.  Easily achievable until the first person cuts you off in traffic or cuts in front of you in line.
  4. Going to church.  Also easily achievable and it will do your soul some good too.
  5. Being a better husband.  There is always a plus side to trying to be a better spouse.

Those are the top resolutions, but for more resolutions you can check out Esquire Magazine's list.