We have all done some strange things while drunk, but have you ever done this?

According to the La Crosse Tribune, 25-year-old Mitchel Pfaff of La Crosse, Wisconsin had a late night mexican food run, then drew a crowd as he started beating up a tree.

This was around 3:00am this past Saturday, Pfaff climbed the tree and angrily started ripping off its branches.

When police showed up, Pfaff explained to them it was a revenge mission.  One of his friends had fallen out of the tree a couple years ago and cracked his head open and he was avenging that injury for his friend.

Pfaff was given a $240 ticket for damage to property and a $177 ticket for disorderly conduct.

All in all $417 is what it cost him, so I am thinking the tree won.