Last month, a real estate blog called Movato put a list together of the most sinful cities in America and we revealed it to you, with St. Louis being the most sinful city. Now the opposite end of the list is out and we reveal the LEAST sinful cities in the U.S. 

This one has another surprise at number one with New York City being the LEAST sinful city in America.

The rankings are based on statistics corresponding to each of the seven deadly sins:

Lust = Strip clubs per capita

Pride = Cosmetic surgeons per capita

Wrath = Violent crime rates

Envy = Theft rates

Greed = Percentage of income donated to charity

Gluttony = Obesity rates

Sloth = Physical activity rates

Even though New York City has plenty of strip clubs and plastic surgeons and crime, the population is so great that all of the rates of those things are pretty low.

The top ten least sinful cities in order are: New York...Gilbert, Arizona...Fremont, California...Glendale, California...Chula Vista, California...Chandler, Arizona...Colorado Springs, Colorado...Long Beach, California...San Jose, California...and Irvine, California.

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