This Midland native has started his adventure in radio back in 1986 at KOCV in Odessa. So what got Kevin Chase interested in being a DJ?

“I always had a lot of interest in music which led me to start listening to Casey Kasem on American Top 40 and he was the main inspiration for me. In fact, as a nerdy teenage kid, I used to do my own countdown in my room with a couple of old record players and an old radio antenna as a microphone.”





The Permian Basin appreciates your dedication to bringing Real Rock to the airwaves, but what would you be doing if you were not in radio?

“Adult film star. (Laughs) Seriously though, my other interest was always weather forecasting and storm chasing so the Chaser would be a storm chaser.”

Is predicting or chasing the weather a hobby for you?

“It’s definitely a hobby for me that I don’t get enough of a chance to work on, but I would definitely like to do some storm chasing.”

What if you could cast yourself for a Hollywood movie? What would it be and who would you want to co-star with you?

“It would definitely be a comedy and I would love to co-star with Jenny McCarthy.”

While we can’t all make it big in Hollywood, just about anyone can win the lottery. If you were given millions of dollars, what would you spend it on?

“I would first pay off all my bills. My mom has always wanted a Jaguar so I would buy her a Jag and invest whatever was left and live off the interest while still doing radio.”

Being in radio for a long time now, what has been your favorite band or singer?

“It’s a close one between Steve Perry and Journey or Geoff Tate and Queensryche.”

Do you have any favorite movies?

“Grease. My first crush ever was Olivia Newton-John in those tight black pants. Yowsah!!”

Last question. Phones have become a part of everyday life so what are some of the apps you can’t get through the day without checking? 

“Facebook for sure and my ESPN. During football season, it’s my Dallas Cowboys and NFL app.”