Hopefully this dude is ugly, cause if he is handsome he may end up in jail.

According to the Norfolk Daily News, Last December a 21-year-old man named Jeffrey Hoadley of Carroll, Nebraska was a part of a robbery of an auto parts store with his friend, but both men were caught and arrested.

Hoadley was in court this past week for the burglary charge and was sentenced to three years probation, but there is one stipulation.  During his time on probation he is banned from having a girlfriend.

The rationale for the added stipulation on the probation was because his lawyer argued that Hoadley needed an extended sentence to deal with his marijuana and meth habits.

The judge told him to deal with his addictions and to avoid a relationship because, "you need to focus on you."

If Hoadley violates his probation, including getting a girlfriend, he will have to do 4 months in jail.

No one is sure if this violates the Constitution in any way and there is no word if Hoadley will appeal.