I am so stoked to finally get some new details concerning one of my all time favorite metal bands Impending Doom and their new album "Death Will Reign" and I have your information right here!

"Death Will Reign"  is the title of the new album from Impending Doom and is set for a November 5th release date.

We have had Impending Doom in Lubbock several times and I always get geared up to see them live. I honestly believe that Impending Doom has one of the most intense live shows in metal.

Their last album "Baptized In Filth" was such a great album and if you are in need of some new music in your life then I highly recommend that you grab the album and listen to the track "Murderer" and get into their intensity!

Checkout the new trailer for the new album and I can not wait to hear new music from Impending Doom!