Are you addicted to your smartphone? Here is some ways to curb the compulsion:  Chances are you know someone addicted to their smartphone.  Maybe its you.  About 1 in 5 Baby Boomers and 1 in 3 teenagers check their phone at least once every 15 minutes. Larry Rosen, author of "iDisorder," says smartphone preoccupation is actually more of a compulsion than an addiction, but it can be a serious problem and needs to be addressed.  It makes us seem distant, detracts from our focus and can damage our relationships and job performance.  Dr. Rosen has the steps to start to curb a smartphone compulsion and lose some of that iAnxiety:

  • Turn the ringer to silent and place the phone upside down or out of sight so you can't see incoming messages.
  • Set a timer or alarm to buzz every 15 minutes, then quickly check your phone.
  • Gradually push the 15-minute interval up to 20 and beyond.

Compulsive behavior is used to relieve anxiety and it can be a viscious cycle.  Checking a smartphone, or any frequently repeated behavior, can become a reflex action that you're not even aware of.  You may feel slightly anxious the first few times you DON'T check your phone, but it won't take long to change the behavior and you'll be eliminating that constant stream of anxiety in the long run.

Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg via Getty Images