In honor of 'Movember,' here is what that facial hair you are growing this month will say about you.

According to MSN here are some typical types of facial hair styles and what it says about the man that has it.

  • Traditional Beard.  This means you are an alpha-male and comfortable in your manhood.
  • Bushy Beard.  A bushy, full beard can mean you are shy or lazy depending on how it is worn.  Could also mean you are a hippie or you have given up on grooming.
  • Goatee.  A young guy sporting a goatee will look like he has got something to prove. Goatees are actually better on older men.
  • Sideburns.  This is considered a non-committal style of facial hair. Not a beard, not clean shaven, could mean this guy is still trying to find himself.
  • Mutton Chops.  Guys who sport massive chops means you are not afraid to show your wild side.
  • Chinstrap.  This comes of as silly and pointless.  You might not be a creeper, you just look like one.
  • Soul Patch.  This looks like you are nostalgic for the 90's or a complete douche.
  • Mustache.  Having a mustache is like having the most difficult part of a beard.  Its harder to eat, to kiss, and to groom, but it is a classic thanks to Burt Reynolds in the 70's.
  • Handlebar Mustache.  Men sporting a handlebar mustache says "I am willing to groom this thing to perfection." This can be seen on biker dudes to hipsters trying to be ironic.
  • Overall Scruff.  This could mean a few things like: he is trying to get laid, living with his parents, or both.
  • Clean Shaven.  This is sometimes used to look more boyish or it says this guy just does not like the look or feel of facial hair.

Now which category do you fall under? Comment below.