A female driver from Middletown, Connecticut was arrested Friday night after allegedly flunking a field sobriety test because she drank hand sanitizer.

Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

The 36-year-old woman was spotted driving erratically, and when police officers pulled her over, she blew a .17 on a breathalyzer -- more than twice the legal limit.  She came clean to the cops, saying of the anti-bacterial goop, "I just saw it there so I drank it," saying the bottle was "big," and she drank "half."  ER doctors have seen a spike in admissions from patients who drank the alcohol-laced fluid, especially among teens -- and warn just two ounces of the stuff is equivalent to four shots of vodka. It is estimated her intake was similar to 32 shots of vodka. "That was the first time I have ever done it and that will be the last time," she insisted.  I say she will not be needing a flu shot for a while.