The parking lot of our group of Townsquare Media radio stations has always been a meeting place of some sort for divorced couples swapping off kids for scheduled visits.  But now its for even more...  Our station is located halfway between Midland and Odessa on Hwy 191 and Farm to Market road 1788 and not only are we the meeting place for divorced couples to trade off kids for scheduled visits, now it seems we are the meeting place to swap birthday gifts.  Today as I was working I looked out my office window and saw 2 ladies swapping off gift bags with "Happy Birthday" written across them.  I know we are about halfway between both cities but c'mon people, REALLY?!?!?!  Maybe if I work late on a Friday night I might get to see more than I bargained for, possibly its time to put up a surveillance camera and start our own version of "Cheaters".  I'm just sayin'!!!!