I know I keep my dogs from eating their own poop, not to mention any other poop they find, I just hope you do the same for your dogs, but apparently they don't in Germany.

The Huffington Post reports veterinarians in Berlin, Germany are seeing an increase in dogs who have gotten high on hard drugs.  They believe the dogs are getting the drugs from the feces of drug addicts that poop in parks and the dogs come along after them and eat the drug addict poop.

The drug users are reported to poop in the bushes of some of the city parks, the dogs then sniff out the poop and eat it, because thats what dogs do.  The drug residue in the poop is what gets them high.

The residue from heroin and other drugs in the feces can cause serious problems for the dogs from dehydration and trouble walking, to life-threatening conditions like a rapid heartbeat.

This could happen over here as well so make sure you keep your dogs clear of any feces and if they do get some and start acting strange, take them to the vet immediately.  Usually the vet can get them to vomit everything up and then you can enter your dog in SEA, S#%t Eaters Anonymous.