Thats hot right?  Ok so listen up boys....

I’m all about helpn a brotha out with game, not because I’m actively trying to help dudes score, but because most men don’t understand that all it really takes is the right frame of mind and the right set of skills to up their hot level substantially. I’ve always thought that if I were a dude, I’d get more play that a swing set. So, here is my tip for this rainy West Texas week.

On my regularly scheduled walk, for that one thing I look forward to most in the morning hours, I noticed a guy on his way to the building from where he parked and he was walking with an umbrella……a small…………..umbrella.  Folks, by this time it was merely sprinkling. It was the kind of rain you WANT to be in fellas. Allow me to explain.

When a women sees a man in the rain, or coming in from being in the rain with the faint remnants of water drops running down his face we inadvertently think of the only other (normal) instance in which a man would have water running down his facs, and that instance involves nakedness and hot water.

As some of you may know, women are not easily aroused, unlike men we do not pant like dogs with our tongues hanging out at the thought of our naked counterpart. It’s just the way we were wired, so if you can get a women to think about you naked without even trying then you’re doing it right.

Working to walk the short distance from your car to the front door in rain that wouldn’t even drown an ant with a small red umbrella makes me think if you’re not willing to get wet then neither am I…..just sayn