Why you would be snooping around someone else's phone is one thing, but if you do, and find a naked photo and send it to yourself, you have just committed a felony.

A man in Florida did just that and is now facing felony charges.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that 31-year-old Omar Trevino, a police dispatcher with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, grabbed a female co-worker's phone and started flipping through her photos.

He found a photo of her and another female co-worker flashing their breasts, so Trevino forwarded the photo to himself, and intelligently deleted the sent item from her phone to hide what he had done.

A few weeks later, in a not so intelligent move, showed the photo to another male co-worker who then reported him.

Trevino was arrested and has been charged with unlawful use of a computer or cellular phone, which is a third-degree felony and can land him five years in prison.