New Years Eve is rapidly approaching and here are four things that could make your new year less than happy.

According to ABC News, here are four tricks some bartenders use to keep from giving you the alcohol you paid for:

  1. Switching out expensive booze for the cheap stuff.  Some bars will take an empty bottle of premium liquor and fill it with a cheaper brand. The most common one to get ripped off on is vodka. Whiskey has more flavor, so it is easier to taste and tell that it's a cheap knockoff.
  2. The "short pour." Using crushed ice instead of cubed ice makes the drink seem like it has more alcohol. If they start a drink with crushed ice, they can pour less alcohol into it.
  3. The "long pour." This is that thing where they lift the bottle high above their heads while they pour. It makes it seem they are doing something special for you, and you are getting a stronger drink.  But in reality, it's just a distraction so they can pour you a weaker drink.
  4. The "sneaky pour." If they hold the bottle out over your cup for a really long time, it seems like they are pouring a lot of liquor.  But actually, they are holding their finger over the air hole so that the liquor just trickles out.

Best way to avoid a rip-off is to know your bartender, or just stick to bottled beer.