Your bartender or waiter sees people strike out all the time, so they have put together 4 ways for you to not strike out.

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  1. Be realistic.  If you're a divorced 50-year-old guy who's kind of out of shape and driving a mediocre car, don't bother hitting on the hot 22-year-old in designer clothes.
  2. Treat your server well.  If you treat your bartender or server with respect, no matter what happens, it shows you're not cheap, or an arrogant jerk who expects everyone to cater to you.  If you're polite and tip well, people notice.
  3. Don't flash your cash.  Guys, don't try to prove how much money you have by ordering the most expensive thing on the menu.  Women see right through it.
  4. Don't drink too much.  If you're trying to pick someone up, getting sloppy drunk makes you look like an ass, and usually leads to bad decisions.

So keep these things in mind next time you try to pick up someone.