We are just weeks away from the beginning of the football season which makes me a happy guy, I am tired of baseball thinking it is cool and all, and here are five random facts about fans and their football lifesyle and superstitions.

According to Medical Daily, here are some random facts which cover football food, fan life, and superstitions.

  1. The study found die-hard football fans eat better than usual the day after their team wins by eating things like broccoli and chicken, and eat worse than usual after a loss, typically turning to sugars and fats.
  2. 53% of fans say they have a superstition of wearing certain clothing or shoes to help their team win.  Also 40% say they sometimes look away from the TV to avoid jinxing a play.
  3. 62% of people say they prefer to watch football at home as opposed to a sports bar, friend's house, or actually going to the game.
  4. Two out of three fans say they wouldn't go to a tailgate unless there was alcohol, and four out of five wouldn't go unless food was there.
  5. Last year the survey found 57% of fans who went to tailgate parties skipped going to the actual game at least once.

So get ready fellow football fans as we usher in another football season and tell me some of your superstitions in the comments below.