Here are your five random facts for Tuesday.

  1. According to Go Indie, McDonald's sells 75 hamburgers every second.
  2. According to Yahoo Sports, of the millions of people who filled out NCAA brackets to try to win $1 billion form Quicken Loans this year, only 191 picked the Final Four of Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky and UConn.  Also no one has a perfect bracket.
  3. According to the Winnipeg Sun, for the past 14 years in a row, the Slurpee capital of the world is Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada.  7-Eleven's there sell the highest number of Slurpees per store.
  4. According to Online Education, approximately 6,420 people worldwide die every hour, while 15,000 are born.
  5. According to Hot Hardware, Sony sold 12 million floppy discs in 2009.  The peak year for sales was 2002, when they sold 47 million.  They stopped producing and selling floppy discs in 2011.

There are your random facts for today...more on the way in upcoming days.