Here are some random facts for your Tuesday.

  1. According to CNN Money, there are approximately three million ships wrecked and sitting at the bottom of the ocean, and they are worth billions of dollars between their artifacts and treasure.
  2. According to Time, North Korean women have to get one of 18 different hairstyles that have been approved by the government, men have to choose one of 10.
  3. According to the Humane Society, it is illegal to own a hamster in Hawaii.  The climate is perfect for hamsters and if any ever escaped, they could start wild colonies that would devastate Hawaii's native crops and vegetation.
  4. According to the Wall Street Journal, Singapore has the highest percentage of millionaire residents.  One out of six households have a net worth of over $1 million.
  5. According to, Bob Marley gave a songwriting credit on "No Woman, No Cry" to a man named Vincent Ford, who ran a soup kitchen in Jamaica.  It was his way of making sure it would be funded forever.

There are your random facts for Tuesday, now gather around the water cooler and discuss among yourselves.