Here are your random facts for Thursday.

  1. According to Wikipedia, three burglars broke into Dolph Lundgren's house in 2009 and tied up his wife.  But then they saw a picture of Dolph, realized it was his house, and ran off.
  2. According to LiveScience,  anytime your food has carmine, cochineal extract, or natural red #4 in its ingredients it means the color comes from crushed up bugs.
  3. According to Serious Eats, employees at Ben & Jerry's get three free pints of ice cream every day.  They also get a free gym membership.
  4. According to Jetsons Wikia, in "The Jetsons", George is 40 years old, Jane is 33, and their daughter Judy is 16.  That means George was either 23 or 24 and Jane was either 16 or 17 when he got her pregnant.  Then again, we don't know the legal age of consent in space.
  5. According to Motel 6, the motel chain got it's name because it originally charged $6-per-night when it opened in 1962.

There are your random facts for Thursday.