Here are your random facts to get you through the weekend.

  1. According to Gizmodo, The first Wrigley Field wasn't in Chicago.  A baseball park in Los Angeles called Wrigley Field opened in 1925.  The Cubs' stadium was called Cubs Park at that point, but changed its name to Wrigley Field in 1926.  The L.A. one was torn down in 1969.
  2. According to Vox, 80% of people with herpes don't know they have it.
  3. According to Time, People upload 72 hours of new video to YouTube every single minute.  We also share 2.46 million things on Facebook and buy $83,000 worth of stuff from Amazon every minute.
  4. According to The Next Web, when Pixar was editing "Toy Story 2", someone managed to accidentally delete a huge chunk of the movie.  They miraculously found a backup though because an employee on maternity leave had saved it so she could work on it at home.
  5. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word "graffiti" is plural.  The singular form of the word is "graffito."

There are your five random facts for Friday and the weekend, enjoy.