America is not the biggest beer drinking country in the world, but we do drink enough to make other countries take notice.

According to Finances Online, here are five stats on beer drinking around the world:

  1. Americans spend an average of $356.20 each on beer a year.  That's the seventh most in the world.  Australia spends the most, at $747.90, followed by Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, Venezuela, and the U.K.
  2. Even though we spend the seventh most, we only drink the 14th most, 217 beers per person per year.  The Czech Republic drinks the most, 419 beers per person per year.
  3. The Ukraine spends the least on beer, $72.69 per person.  But that's not because they don't drink beer, their beers are just the cheapest in the world, at an average of 59 cents for a bottle.
  4. The best selling beer in the world is a Chinese beer called Snow Beer, which you've never heard of.  Of the brands you've heard of, Budweiser is third, Bud Light is fifth, Corona is sixth, Heineken is eighth, and Coors Light is ninth.
  5. The most expensive beers in the world are usually in Muslim countries where drinking alcohol is illegal, except in some hotels.  A beer in Iran costs $7.71, in Kuwait it's $7.09, and in the UAE it's $6.20.

So now you know how you and your buddies compare to the rest of the world's beer drinkers, now lets go celebrate with a round of beers.