Police in Lowndes County, Ohio accidentally find a meth lab after the owners of the meth lab set fire to their yard with a home made generator powered by stolen electricity.  

The call originally came in as theft of electricity but when cops arrived they made a warrant check on the owner of the trailer and found out he was wanted on felony meth charges, so they took the man into custody.

While transporting the suspect one of the cops noticed smoke pouring from a nearby road.  They tracked the smoke down and found two people trying to douse a grass fire that had been sparked by a makeshift generator feeding into a run down trailer not far from the residence of the man in custody.

One person was questioned and released, and another told cops she didn't know anything about the contents of the trailer. An investigation of the structure revealed meth-making paraphernalia and a four-foot-long rattlesnake to protect it all.

The woman was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of oxycodone.  Its not known if the owner of the main trailer will be charged as well.