A 71-year-old man in Ohio said he had always wondered what jail was like, and when the former Marine and school teacher received a fine for improper taillights on his vehicle he claimed was unjust, he saw his chance.  

Obie Cargile pleaded "absolutely guilty" for driving with the lights, which he claims to have been using for 10 years without incident, and instead of paying the $160 fine, a local newspaper reports the man took the jail alternative.

"It was a picnic. An unadulterated picnic," Cargile said when he finally told his story about the January stay in jail. "I never been in jail. I been in the Marine Corps in the [Philippine] jungle and Marine Corps boot camp," Cargile said.  "If you come out of the Marines Corps boot camp, everything else in life is downhill."

Cargile got a cot with clean linens and for that "wasn't great" but "better than in the jungles."