If you have ever wondered if your waiter or waitress secretly hates you, it all depends if you do any of the following eight things. If so, that answer would be yes.

Fox News Magazine has published these eight things, and they go as follows:

  1. Stacking plates.  You might think you are helping, but it actually makes it harder for them, so just let them handle it.
  2. Misbehaving kids.  Servers hate it when you sit there and enjoy your meal while your kids freak out and make a mess. It's even worse when you put your kids at a separate table and expect the server to watch them.
  3. Making a mess.  Don't rip up your cocktail napkin or straw wrapper into little pieces.  It's immature, and it annoys your server.
  4. Talking on your phone.  Hostesses can't stand it when you walk into a restaurant talking on your phone, and it drives your server crazy because they don't know if they can interrupt or if it is an important call.
  5. Leaving your phone out on the table.  It makes them nervous about possibly spilling something on it so just put it away.
  6. Walking in right before closing time.  If you go in five to ten minutes before a restaurant closes, all the workers will have to stay until you leave.  That's really annoying, especially if you are the only table there.
  7. Leaving a bad tip.  First off the tip should be cash only.  Apparently some like to leave religious literature instead of cash. Also if you pay with a coupon, make sure you tip on the full amount of the bill before the coupon.
  8. Lying about allergies.  If you don't like something and don't want it on your plate, don't lie and say you have an allergy to it.  That becomes a huge deal for the chef and the kitchen staff.  Just be honest that you don't like it and your server will not have to suspect that you are lying.

There are the things not to do next time you go out to eat, and you and your server will be better for it.