Here are results of a discussion online about things men assume are unattractive about themselves, but that women actually like.  Not all women in every case of course, but enough that they made the list.

And really, everything got votes.  Some women even voted for short guys, male pattern baldness and farmer's tans, but none of those made the top eight.  Here are the ones that did:

1.  A very hairy chest.

2.  Scruffy facial hair.  The only facial hair that got only negative feedback is one-day stubble.  To women it doesn't look good and feels like sandpaper when you're kissing.

3.  No huge muscles.  Women voted for men with solid builds and for super scrawny men but not the bodybuilder look.

4.  Nerdiness.  Whether that means glasses or playing video games or whatever.

5.  Big noses.

6.  A little bit of a gut.

7.  Messy hair.

8.  A small penis.  It doesn't matter how it looks, because women don't care about that.  All they care about is if it's too large it can be painful.

So there is the list guys, maybe this will help you if you are striking out with the ladies lately.