Most of us rock fans are totally fine with seeing someone all tatted out and usually, if you are like me, you like finding out the story behind all the ink, but even if you don't care about the stories, you can see he likes using his body as a canvas.  

The San Francisco QB has been noted by many who are not ink fans of having too many and being at times called a thug or delinquent.  Well judging from all the interviews I have seen, I have nothing but respect for the tatted QB.

His tattoos mean something to him just like my tattoos mean something to me and I assume anyone reading this that their tattoos mean something to them as well.

If you have not seen his back piece, it is a nice work of art covering him from neck to butt and you can tell he has spent many hours in the chair just on the back piece alone.  Not to mention the arms which are mostly Bible verses or Biblical inspired words of encouragement and on his chest he has the words "Against All Odds" all of which also took several hours in the chair to get done.

I admire the tatted QB and all the time he has spent in the tattoo shop getting all the ink he has, and look forward to seeing him do his thing on the field in the big game this weekend.