Chris Howorth lead guitarist of In This Moment called into The Wrecking Yard to talk about throwing down in Lubbock October 26th!

I have known Chris Howorth for a very long time and I am stoked to see the band that In This Moment has turned into. A very long time ago I had the chance to interview Chris and Maria Brink and as I look back on that interview it was pretty terrible, becasue I was so new in radio I was nervous tripping all over the place with my words but Chris and Maria Brink were awesome and very understanding.

In This Moment will be in Lubbock on October 26th and I know that everyone is stoked to see them again. In This Moments latest album "Blood" is a huge album for them and you need to have this album in your rotation.

Checkout my interview with Chris Howorth and get ready for In This Moment in Lubbock October 26th.