A police officer in Miami, Florida decided to use a sex cream on his penis, but it made him fail a drug test and got him fired. But, he ended up getting his job back and here's why.

According to the Miami Herald, Reinaldo Casas was a homicide detective in Miami Beach and was fired in last February after testing positive for cocaine during a random drug test.

Casas filed a grievance, saying he had never done cocaine, but knew why he had tested positive.

Casas admitted he was having problems maintaining an erection, so a friend gave him some homemade ointment from "an old Cuban guy" to rub on his junk. Casas says he figured cocaine was one of the ingredients in the cream.

While the city didn't buy his story, an arbitrator did and Casas was reinstated with back pay for the entire time he was suspended.

One of Casas' friends testified that no one knew what was in the cream, but it definitely fixed the problem of not being able to maintain an erection.