This guy has some balls, and apparently wants a larger penis to go with them.

According to, A man in Australia only identified as Mike has been cursed with a micropenis, that means he is less then 2.75 inches when he is fully engorged.

He says it has affected his confidence and held him back all his life.

So, he mortgaged his house to pay for penis enlargement surgery.

He spent $42,000 on the surgery, but it only worked temporarily and his penis receded back to its original size.

Now he is going to get more work done on it which will cost another $17,000, plus he might even have to take out a second mortgage to get $47,000 more for another serious surgery.

Mike says he went public with his plight to give other men with micropenises hope that they can increase their size too.  He says, "Hang in there.  If you need to seek therapy or surgery, the options are there."