Some people have too much time on their hands and can come up with some really stupid complaints to the FCC.

Really there was not anything too controversial that happened during the halftime show at the last Super Bowl, but that didn't stop people with way too much time on their hands from sending in complaints. has the list and the highlights include people complaining that Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers were showing their nipples.

One person wrote: "I found it indecent that I had to see [their] nipples.  Both men and women should have to wear shirts.  There are children watching!!!"

Another worte: "How is it okay for male performers to perform shirtless showing both nipples, yet you sanction nipple-showing by Janet Jackson?  That's sexism."

And then there was this one, be sure to note the spelling: "This person named Anthony Kiedis was naked to the waste thrusting his pelvis, saying that 'what he got he got to give it, put it in you.'  He's clearly talking about his penis.  I'm shocked and offended...[by] this filth.  First Janet Jackson talking about breasteses, then Paul McCartney talking about marijuana, then Bruno Mars talking about my penis, now Anthony Kiedis talking about his penis.  Stop this now!"

Other complaints targeted the innuendo in ads, some of which didn't even air during the Super Bowl. (Sounds like someone has been watching too much YouTube and not enough real tube)

Plus there were also people complaining to the FCC about being upset that their cable went out.