This is not hard to believe since I live with someone who thinks Axe Body Spray is the bomb, well now it can be compared to a stink bomb for sure.

According to The Smoking Gun, students in a sixth grade classroom at Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn started getting sick from a "noxious odor" which ended up shitting the school down.

The "noxious odor" turned out to be Axe Body Spray that a kid in the class had sprayed on himself, but instead of girls being sent into a pheromone-stroking frenzy, it sent eight students to the hospital.

It's not clear what about the body spray made them sick, and there is no update on their condition but it is assumed they were all fine after getting some fresh air.

The school says it will discipline the student who put on the spray.

So whats your take? Do you  have a buddy that thinks a lot of Axe Body Spray will get him a lot of women but kills you in the process?  Comment below.