A guy with three testicles just turned 18 over the weekend and took to Reddit to show and answer questions about them.

The only name we have for this guy is his screen name on Reddit, he goes by GardenOfGandalf.

This past weekend GOG turned 18 and is now legal to show off his three testicles to the world and answer questions, so he did just that and here is some of the things he revealed:

  • His testosterone levels and sperm production are average, because all three of his testicles know they can slack off a little, because there are two others to take up the slack.
  • He doesn't know which one is the "extra" one.
  • They sometimes get tangled up, but they don't get in the way when he walks.
  • He is still young, so no one has encountered his situation yet, but several women on the thread offered.

If you are curious and want to see the picture, be warned it is a naked man-satchel and is NSFW.