The week begins tonight as Kansas City goes to Philadelphia, reuniting Andy Reed with the team he coached for 14 seasons and posted a 140-102-1 record with. But tonight he is in red and is 2-0 so far with Kansas City and I think he will be 3-0 by the nights end.

Here are other key games this week and my reasons for my picks:

St. Louis at Dallas - I was burned by my Cowboys last week when they got out witted by Andy Reed, but this week St. Louis has not showed me much over the first two weeks, so I am going with my beloved 'Boys to pull out a win.

Indianapolis at San Francisco - This should be the match-up of the week and the QB position should be watched closely with Kaepernick and Luck firing the cannons.  Also the trade for Trent Richardson from Cleveland to Indy should make for a lot of good running plays but I still think San Francisco will edge out Indy by a touchdown or less.

Chicago at Pittsburgh - I am just placing this on the list because it is the Sunday Night game, but after Pittsburgh's lack luster performances over the past two weeks and only 19 points scored, I am picking Chicago for this one.

Oakland at Denver - This 108th meeting of this division rivalry plays out its next chapter on Monday Night Football, Oakland leads the series 60-45-2 but with Peyton Manning at the QB position for Denver, it should prove to be a great game with the edge going to Denver to wrap up week 3.

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