After picking Thursday night's game correct, I am feeling like I am on a roll from the bad week I had last week.  So here are some key games this week and my choices to maybe help you out in your picks.

  • Chicago at Detroit - This is ONE of the longest running rivalries in NFL history, dating back to 1930.  Chicago holds the lead in this series 96-65-5 and even though Detroit is showing some good signs this season coming into this game 2-1, I do believe 3-0 Chicago will advance to 4-0 and the series record will go to 97-65-5.
  • Seattle at Houston - (Series Tied 1-1)This game I had a tough time deciding, Seattle comes into this game 3-0 and have had a couple of surprising blow outs, namely the shellacking of San Francisco a couple weeks ago.  But with Houston coming off an embarrassing loss to Baltimore last week and having the advantage of being at home, I think Houston at 2-1 will advance to 3-1 and send Seattle home with a good game but their first loss of the season.
  • New England at Atlanta - (Series Tied 6-6) This is the Sunday night game this week and even though the series is tied at 6 all, Atlanta will be home nursing a 1-2 record while New England comes in 3-0, but I think this will be the upset of the week and Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will have a great game and send Tom Brady, who has never lost a meeting with Atlanta while he has been starting QB, back to Boston with a loss.
  • Miami at New Orleans - (Miami leads series 6-4) This is the Monday Night Football match up and will finish off week 4.  This is the battle of the undefeated will be a great game with local Big Spring native Ryan Tannehill heading up an undefeated Miami team, but they will be playing an undefeated New Orleans team with Drew Brees.  This should be a game that comes down to the wire, and when the dust settles, New Orleans will have the win.

There are my picks for key games tomorrow and Monday, make your picks now by clicking here.