With tonight kicking off week 2 of the pro football season get your picks in and see if you can do better than me this week.

Last week I only missed 4 games so I had a 75% correct pick week so this week it becomes a bit easier to pick games after seeing how they performed in the first week.

Key games this week:

New York Jets at New England - I picked New England for this game since the connection between Tom Brady and Danny Amendola seems to be a good bet that there will be plenty of passes thrown his direction.

Dallas at Kansas City - I picked Dallas in this match-up.  Even though Andy Reed has many wins against Dallas while he was in Philly, now he is in KC.  I think Reed will have a good team but come up short against Monte Kiffen's new look Dallas defense which showed New York that they can compete even though the game last week started out rather shaky on both sides of the ball.

Tennessee at Houston - The return of the old Houston team coming to town to play the new Houston team has become quite the rivalry and even though Tennessee had a good showing last week and Houston had to make a comeback to win, I still believe the new Houston team can beat the old Houston team on their way to another playoff appearance and possibly the big game in February.

San Francisco at Seattle - With the "12th man" making enough noise to make any rock concert sound like a whispering contest, I picked Seattle in this Sunday Night battle of the NFC West.  I think Colin Kaepernick is a beast and will be named best QB in the NFC but I feel he will have a hard time with the noise and getting plays changed at the line of scrimmage making Seattle's "12th Man" a huge factor in this game.

And finally on Monday Night:

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - After the anemic display last week by Pittsburgh, I am going with Cincinnati for this game.  Cincinnati lost also last week but put up a better fight against Chicago than Pittsburgh did against Tennessee, so unless Big Ben and the boys get their act together this week, they will be starting off the year 0-2.

Make sure you get your picks in for this week by clicking here.