Axl Rose To Record On New AC/DC Album?
So according to a report there is a rumor circulating that AC/DC may record a new album with Axl Rose to be released possibly in 2018.
This is interesting news to me, I truly thought that with Brian Johnsons' hearing issues on the mend we would see the band come back together for at least one mo…
Still Excited after Nearly Two Decades of Radio
I was talking to a co-worker this afternoon about some of the experiences that I have had in my nearly twenty plus years of being a part of this crazy business we call radio and it dawns on me every time how truly excited I am to be doing what I do for a living...
Rock Shows of Summer
With Summer just weeks away the start of the Rock season is upon us so what shows are you looking forward to?
We all look forward to Summer rock season and this year is shaping up to be one of the truly epic ones, it all kicks off with the grandaddy of all festivals in May with Rock on the Range and …

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