Random Facts

What Did I Just Eat?
I have personally eaten things that I can't believe that I would and I have certainly eaten things that are certainly more heinous than a foo dI tried some time back.
Now you're asking yourself what did you eat, please tell us!  It was a fruit called he Jack Fruit...
Today 6/20 is National PDA Day, What’s Next?
Who knew that today is National PDA Day!  So kiss and hug and do all those things that make people cringe when you do them in public and if anyone complains you look them straight in the eye and say, it's National PDA Day!
Frolf? A Real Game or Just An Excuse To Drink?
Ok I know what you're thinking, "What The Hell is Frolf?"  it could be the greatest sport that really isn't a sport...EVER!  It is a mesh-up of golf and Frisbee, just like golf you travel to 18 holes but instead of holes you have mesh chain nets that you attempt…

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