Totally 80s Fest Comes to Midland Featuring Skid Row
The time is getting close for The Totally 80s Fest coming to The Midland Horseshoe Arena on Saturday October 1st featuring The Jets, Tiffany and headliners Skid Row!
We all know there have been some lineup changes in the band but who cares, so has every other 80s band at this point...
Flavor Flav and Muttley What Could Go Wrong?
In advance of our Totally 80s Fest featuring Skid Row, Tiffany and The Jets, I had a chance to talk with our MC of the event, the one and only Flavor Flav.
Whether you know Flavor from his television shows like Flavor of Love or even his time in the music industry with Public Enemy, there is no denyi…
Muttley talks to Dave “Snake” Sabo of Skid Row
I had the chance to talk to Dave "Snake" Sabo, guitarists of Skid Row and find out what the guys have been up to over the last nearly 3 decades of rock and roll and what it's been like navigating through the world of rock and roll as it stands today...

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