Sunflower Dead Who Are They and Where Do They Come From
Sunflower Dead has quietly crept us on all of us and before we knew it they have smacked us all right in the mouth with their blistering performances and incredibly on stage persona.  The fact that they are on the Hellpop Tour with In This Moment, Hellyeah and Shamans Harvest couldn't be m…
Shamans Harvest Performs Acoustic at KBAT
I may be a bit bias but in my opinion I think that Shamans Harvest is one of the most underrated bands on the road today, with the mix of blus and rock they have found just the right mix to be unique in this world of cookie cutter rock bands...
Vinnie Paul Sits Down with KBAT (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)
On Wednesday June 22nd, I had the distinct honor of sitting down with the on and only Vinnie Paul of HellYeah and formerly of Pantera and we discussed no only the new release from Hellyeah, his chain of Adult Nightclubs, his sports bar.
Jim Breuer talks Loud & Rowdy
I had the distinct pleasure of talking with comedian Jim Breuer about his band, The Loud & Rowdy, and the new cd release, "Songs From The Garage" and how Jim is looking forward to taking his style of old school rock and roll on the road.  ...

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