Last week, a man walked into a Wells Fargo bank and pulled out a fake gun, and made off with an unspecified amount of money.

But according to KOMO-TV in Portland, Oregon, 57-year-old Andrew Laviguer had a bit of car trouble while leaving the Wells Fargo bank branch he robbed.

The car trouble he had was realizing he had left the keys to his car inside the bank.

It is not clear why he took his keys out of his pocket in the first place, other than the fact the he is a moron, but police were on the way so he had no time to go back in and get them.

He then tried to hide in a nearby office building where cops eventually tracked him down and arrested him.

This may sound like a rookie bank robber mistake, but actually police say that Laviguer is not a rookie, but is the suspect in five other robberies including one other in Portland, and two more in Washington state.

Yet another addition to the list of stupid criminals.