Oh how I loathe the hangover. And oh how much easier they come the older I get. Seriously, you wanna talk about feeling old? Just go have a few beers and wake up feeling like complete garbage the next day.

Australia has now opened a hangover clinic. There they can cure your hangover in as little as 30 minutes. Now obviously getting to the clinic can be an issue if you're really hungover. Plus it doesn't come cheap. Prices start at $140, and that comes with an IV drip and vitamin cocktail. If you're really struggling, you can go with a $200 package that buys a one-hour treatment, including two liters of hydration drip, oxygen therapy and vitamins. There's even a VIP room for group recovery.

This isn't the first hangover clinic however. A hangover club was started in New York at the beginning of 2015 where a bus would travel the city looking for people who had a few too many the night before and were looking for some relief.