Lead vocalist of As I lay Dying Tim Lambesis has been ordered to stand trial for the alleged murder for hire on his ex-wife.

This has been one of the biggest stories that heavy metal has ever seen. Allegedly Tim Lambesis met with a man twice at a gym and then met with an undercover officer caliming he wanted his wife killed. He then proceeded (allegedly) to hand the officer an envelope with $1,000 cash, pictures of his wife and a security pass code to the gate of where they live.

I keep saying allegedly because that what it just is, I believe innocent until proven guilty and I hope that all of this is cleared up very soon for my bro Tim Lambesis. I have known Tim Lambesis and the boys of As I Lay Dying for a very long time and I am not one of those guys that are saying Tim wouldn't ever do something like this, but what I am saying is that the times that I have been with Tim he has always been one of the best dudes in heavy metal to know.

Checkout the video and we wish Tim Lambessis well wishes and good thoughts.