Kevin Chase/Chaser Images

Why do we do this to ourselves every year about this time?

You know as well as I do that whatever resolution you make will more than likely be over by the end of February.  So why do we do them?

Some would say with a new year comes new beginnings, which is true sometimes but old habits die hard also.  Most resolutions will deal with losing weight, working out, quitting smoking, or to stop drinking. and those are the ones that will be over by the end of February.

I have one new year's resolution I have kept true to since 1987...never to make anymore new year's resolutions.  I did however this past year decide to get back into shape with the help of a trainer and also the guys at Complete Nutrition and both have kept me true to that but it was not a resolution I made.

What is your new years resolution for this year or will you do as I have done and not make anymore?  Leave me a comment below.