For two days after the Saturday defeat of Newcastle at the hands of their arch rival Sunderland, Police in the U.K. had trouble with soccer hooligans out of control.  

Many arrests have been made near St. James Park in London, but none more shocking than the one involving Barry Rogerson, a 45-year-old man who was caught on video slugging a police horse.

The Sun reports that the man has been living on disability since 2005, and he also had a list of excuses why he socked the horse.

He claims the handkerchief he used to hide his identity was actually to soothe a bad tooth, his beer he had drank during the game reacted with his lung medication, and his right hook to the horse's nose was a result of him tripping over something in the street.

Cops quickly arrested the suspect and his court date is scheduled for next month where he will face a variety of charges.

Check out the video below.