Marriages sometimes have deep embedded secrets, but none are as secretive as this marriage was.

According to CBS 13 in Sacramento, California, David and Cat Kaufman had been married 20 years when they both admitted some deep secrets they had been hiding from each other.

David admitted to Cat that he had always felt more like a woman trapped in a man's body and was going to start the transitioning process to become the woman he always felt like he was.

In turn, Cat revealed that she had discovered recently that she was a lesbian.

Since David was attracted to men, the couple decided not to be a lesbian couple and get a divorce even though their marriage was not a sham.  The couple really does love each other but more as friends as it was through their entire marriage.

David has completed his transition and is now Danielle and lives just minutes away from Cat. They now spend a lot of their time together as best friends.