Nothing is worse than going to a hot crowded nightclub and realizing you forgot your deodorant, until this woman did what she did.

According to, last Monday night a 20-year-old woman in Germany went to a nightclub.

At some point she realized she had forgotten to put on deodorant while she was getting ready to go out for the evening.

So she went to the bathroom with her friend, reached into her purse, and grabbed her spray-on deodorant.

Then she proceeded to douse herself with it.  Immediately she realized she had actually grabbed her friends pepper spray by mistake.

Chaos ensued and the two women had to be treated by medics because of the spray getting into their eyes, and the entire club had to be evacuated.

I am sure the woman's armpits were a bit tender after having pepper spray all over them, but police are deciding whether or not to charge her with criminal negligence.